The Long Goodbye is led by Alfie Bernardi, a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist who quotes Elliott Smith, Neil Young, and Sparklehorse as the band's main influences. His lyrics have been described as "haunting, introspective, and painfully real" and his voice as "Impossibly filled with emotion".

After a successful career as a sideman in several bands, Alfie moved to the country and worked on a solo album. Released in 2008, 'Whenever in ruins' was hailed by many as "the album to play when the whisky comes out" and "a fine collection of heartfelt songs, and the most evocative voice since Counting Crows' Adam Duritz".

"Darkness Leaves" followed in 2010, with denser sound textures and arrangements, while 2012's "Fractures" was a more intimate record, with Alfie playing most of the instruments around his original 1 take versions of the songs.

"Swan Songs" was released in 2016 and still stands as the band’s finest album, featuring live favourites “Thinking Of Esther” and “Still The Best Thing”.



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